Ancient Greek Beekeeping

Transcript of Ancient Greek Beekeeping
This olive tree is "Path of the Gods" so Aristaeus is coming from the portal to the other side, the greek city-state, Ithaca. He came prepared by wearing a closewoven wrap of linen to protect himself from the stings of batteling bees. Olive Tree Bee Hive Malice Gleaming Treasure Aristaeus,God of
Beekeeping and Honey Aristaeus
started his journey with a bag of supplies. Then he walked into the Olive tree. Aristaeus got to the honey with a trick, smothering smoke to tame the malice. He took the honey out of the comb and placed it in a jar. In greek mythology, thats how beekeeping was created. Mmmm.Lets have honey ! The Story of how Ancient
Greek Beekeeping Started
By: Yoni Kollin 1500 Year Old Olive Tree Swarm of Bees
Aristaeus scared the bees away by shaking a torch in the air and lifted up metal plates and clamped them together causing them to fly all over the place. He did this because it would be easier to get the honey out of the hive.